New Publication!

Got another hit! A research paper that I helped with the Swiss Spinal Cord folks is in press! The publication should be on my website soon to view.


Peter, C., Schulenberg, S.E., Buchanan, E.M., Prodinger, B., & Geyh, S. (in press). Rasch analysis of psychological person factors in persons with spinal cord injury. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.


Objective: To evaluate the metric properties of distinct measures of psychological personal factors comprising feelings, beliefs, motives, and patterns of experience and behavior that were assessed in the Swiss Spinal Cord Injury Cohort Study (SwiSCI) using Rasch methodology.

Methods: SwiSCI Pathway 2 is a community-based, nationwide, cross-sectional survey with persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) (N=511).The Rasch partial credit model was used for each subscale of the Positive Affect Negative Affect Scale (PANAS), the Appraisal of Life Events Scale (ALE), the Purpose in Life test – Short Form (PIL-SF), and the Big Five Inventory-K (BFI-K).

Results: The measures were unidimensional, with exception of the positive affect items of the PANAS, where pairwise t-tests resulted in 10% significant cases, indicating multidimensionality. The BFI-K subscale agreeableness revealed low reliability (0.53), other reliability estimates ranged between 0.61-0.89. Ceiling and floor effects were found for most measures. SCI-related differential item functioning (DIF) was rarely found. Language DIF was identified for several items of the BFI-K, PANAS and the ALE, but not for the PIL-SF.

Conclusions: A majority of the measures satisfy the assumptions of the Rasch model, including unidimensionality. Invariance across language versions still represents a major challenge.

Outcomes 2014-2015!

Last year I wrote about outcomes for MSU students – thought I would update this year with our current crop of students and where they ended up (as far as I can remember).

We had three students applying for Ph.D. programs – all three of them ended up at large prestigious universities in their area. I don’t remember where all they interviewed but I know that Kayla ended up at the University of Texas (Pennebaker’s lab! She also interviewed with Brian Nosek’s lab!), Kirsty is at the University of Nevada – Los Vegas (UNLV) and Nonah ended up at Louisville! I am super proud of all of them – they continue to show exactly how awesome our Master’s program is. 🙂

As for the clinical program students that I worked with: Brooke ended up at the University of Hawai’i for their eating disorders lab, while Marshall is currently attending the University of Missouri – Kansas CIty in their eating disorders lab! Woo! All the exclamation points in this post.

MOTE Announcement

MOTE is getting a new homepage! We (I say we I mean Tim our awesome programmer) were having trouble with some of the formulas and calculations. Therefore, we are moving all of MOTE to an online platform to be able to use python to solve those math issues. The JAVA version of MOTE is available on my stats page, and it will calculate effect sizes for means for you. We are working on moving all that over to the statstools website – AND making it even more teaching friendly. Hopefully it will reveal soon! Update

Update on our word norming project: What else can go wrong with this project?!

  • The server crashed at one point, and we worked at rebuilding our site.
  • Computer services did some fun unannounced upgrades that basically borked our website. We are working on rebuilding from that summer adventure.
  • The words have been spell checked, fixed for participant issues (people were cutting and pasting Wikipedia as their answers, which we had to comb through and delete), and we are almost through processing them all for root words / affixes.
  • After this process is done, the feature lists and all data will be posted on our website.
  • We are hoping to have all processing and some calculations complete for Psychonomics in November. (fingers crossed!).

An Update on Publications

I think I’ve had several publications since my last update 😮 so here’s a couple publications I’ve had in the last year.

Aiena, B.J., Buchanan, E.M., Smith, C.V., & Schulenberg, S.E. (accepted). Meaning, resilience, and traumatic stress following the gulf oil spill: a study of Mississippi coastal residents seeking mental health services. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Maack, D.J., Buchanan, E.M., & Young, J. (2014). Development and Psychometric Investigation of an Inventory to Assess Temperamental Fear. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, 44, 117-127. doi: 10.1080/16506073.2014.972443

Aiena, B.J., Baczwaski, B.J, Schulenberg, S.E., & Buchanan, E.M. (2014, online first). Measuring Resilience with the RS-14: A Tale of Two Samples. Journal of Personality Assessment, X, 1-10. doi: 10.1080/00223891.2014.951445

Buchanan, E. M., Valentine, K. D., & Schulenberg, S. E. (2014).  Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis: Developing the Purpose in Life test – Short Form (PIL-SF). In P. Bindle (Ed.), Sage Research Methods Cases. 1-18. Sage. doi: 10.4135/978144627305013517794

Schulenberg, S.E., Baczwaski, B.J., & Buchanan, E.M. (2014). Measuring Search for Meaning: A Factor-Analytic Evaluation of the Seeking of Noetic Goals Test (SONG). Journal Of Happiness Studies, 15, 693-715. doi: 10.1007/s10902-013-9446-7

They are all linked on my main page (minus the newest Aiena paper, as that is still being copy proofed). Go to the vita page to check them out. These papers include work with clinical psychologists on meaning in life and a book chapter on the use of EFA/CFA to help develop scales.